Frequently Asked Questions 

The images look a bit fuzzy here on the website?
These are just downscaled versions of the original images. All images have enough megapixels for the possible printing sizes. They will look amazing, don't worry.

How sharp will the image be in the print?
The paper has a slight texture, so it won't be as tack-sharp as a glossy paper. The upside is, though, that the texture of the paper, the colors and the general feel is really really good. Gives a lot of character.

What are the shipping times?
Most of the prints will be printed on demand. Please allow 7-10 days shipping time. It also depends on the size of the print. 

Is this your main job?
No it isn't. 

Are you printing at home?
No, I use a professional printing service.

Is it possible to order a print without the white border?
Yes, please leave a note in the Order Notes in the Cart.

Can I order different sizes as well?
Yes, please contact me for special sizes:

Is there framing available?
Yes, please contact me for custom framing options:

My print is damaged, what can I do?
Please contact me via and send a few images. We'll figure something out ;)



High Quality Print on
Fine-Art Paper, 300+ g/m², matt, slightly textured

Shipping times are around 7–10 days.