Hi – I'm Florian!

Photography is to me what yoga is to other people.
A place to relax, a mindset, a training. 

I'm especially into landscape, street photography and geometric lines. 

I studied Visual Design in Mainz (a fun and cozy town 45mins from Frankfurt) and graduated in 2011. Soon after I started an agency called made in. We do Brand and Digital Design. My speciality is in Digital Design. My graduation work was about Digital Magazines.

Over the course of my studies in Mainz I enrolled in a few photography classes. We did a project about the River Rhine and visited Israel to document life on both sides of the wall. These courses and trips really pushed me to try different styles and find my way of capturing moments and scenes.

Photography is a hobby of mine, nothing which I persue on a professional basis. I'm very happy though to share my work and hopefully it will find its place on somebodies wall.

Your purchase supports my work. Thank you very much. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line at shop@florian-franke.net.

I'm on Instagram, too.


Publications & Exhibitions: